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Monkey Animal Experimentation Photo No Animal Liberation Animal Testing For And Against, Pros And Cons, Legislation, Statistics, Facts And Figures, Data

The International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals has initiated and fostered opposition to animal testing in countries where previously there was little or no activity on behalf of laboratory animals. Visit Monkey Laboratory Picture Abolish, Stop Animal Testing, Itís Cruel And Misleading Research Save The Monkeys

The International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals fund medical research without animal experiments into cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. Monkey Horrible Animal Experimentation Picture Primate Abused, Beaten And Tortured In Cruel Psychological Research

Animal testing is legalised cruelty. If you were to do the same thing to your animal you would be severely punished. Monkey Brain Damage Psychological And Behavioural Animal Experiment Picture

There is a vast literature covering the effects of brain damage on the behaviour of laboratory animals. In some cases, the effects caused by damaging a specific part of the brain will be observed, but apart from scientific curiosity, it is difficult to understand why such experiments are performed.

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